Anti-Ageing tips from your 20s to your 50s

Anti-Ageing tips from your 20s to your 50s

There comes a time when we stop wishing we looked older and start doing everything we can in a bid to look younger. For those seeking the best Anti-Ageing advice for their age, we’ve got some great tips.

  • You’re in your twenties

Your 20s are all about preserving and protecting your skin. When it comes to ageing, prevention can be better than cure, and it’s never too early to begin your Anti-Ageing regime. Juggling a fast-paced and busy working life with too many late nights will start to show up on your skin, giving you dark circles, under eye bags and a dull complexion. It’s also around this time of your life that you’ll start to notice fine lines, making it vital to set up an effective skin care regime.

Apply SPF 30 every day and use an oil-free moisturiser with a glycolic acid-based cleanser to cut through oil and banish spots.

  • You’re in your thirties

As you reach the age of 30, your collagen levels start to deplete, giving rise to deeper lines and wrinkles and loss of volume. It’s time to exfoliate to keep your skin cells healthy and your complexion radiant.

Keep using a glycolic-acid cleanser and invest in eye cream for day and night to up your moisture levels and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.

  • You’re in your forties

Changes in your oestrogen levels in your 40s can lead to dry, thinner skin. Exfoliation and strengthening are your key goals.

Invest in Anti-Ageing products containing retinoids and peptides for a more youthful appearance, and keep applying sunscreen every day. Use serums containing hyaluronic acid and exfoliate gently once a week to remove dead skin cells. Remember to include your neck and chest when you moisturise as these are areas which can quickly show signs of age.

  • You’re in your fifties

Now you’ve reached your 50s, you should have an established skin care regime which focuses on moisturising and hydration.

Look out for products containing peptides, retinoids, alpha hydroxyl and amino acids for optimum age management. Use moisturiser day and night and always apply SPF 30 no matter what the weather. Non Surgical treatments such as Botox and Dermal Filler can help to soften and reduce lines and wrinkles.

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