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Neostrata products are renowned for their abilities to resurface, restore and refine the skin. Since Drs Van Scott and Yu discovered the transfiguring power of alpha hydroxyacids this brand has gone from strength to strength. Exfoliation is the name of the game. Neostrata have a variety of ranges designed to target individual skin types and their associated issues. “Acid” can be an intimidating word but Neostrata have proven that, in the right hands and the right doses natural acids can be used to improving ageing related to sun exposure, rosacea, pigment issues, dryness and acne. In recent years the range has expanded. Their Skin Active range has recently won the MyFaceMyBody award for best cosmeceutical.

In our opinion every bathroom cabinet around the country should have Neostrata in it. From cleansers to daily peels we are able to address any need you have.

Neostrata have the following ranges:

  1. Refine for sensitive skin
  2. Restore for acne-prone skin
  3. Resurface for improvement of texture and surface
  4. Skin Active for potent antiageing
  5. Enlighten for skin pigment problems
  6. Targeted Treatment for a range of issues including eyes and extremely dry skin

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Procedure Time

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No anaesthetic necessary

Full Recovery

24 hours estimated

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