Rewards Scheme

WCL are delighted to announce the arrival of our new referral reward card scheme. The scheme will officially go live on 1September 2017.

What is the reward?

We are pleased to offer you a £75 discount off your next treatment when you refer 5 new clients who go on to have a consultation with Dr Will.

How the scheme will work:

1) A set of referral cards will be available to all of our clients. These can be collected at their next appointment or at their request. If you would like to obtain the cards please email me at the address below.

2) The cards will be valid initially for a period of 6 months from 1st September to January 2018

3) The reverse of the cards should be completed with the name of the person who is being referred, the name of the client who has referred them and also the date on which the referral was made.

4) The person who has been referred will then present this card at their initial consultation.

5) We will keep a record of the each client and who referred them.

How to collect your reward?

1) We will notify you by email when your 5 referrals have attended their consultations.

2) You can then take the opportunity to book your next appointment, at which we will discount your treatment.



Q) What treatments are included in the scheme?

A) All treatments! This could be from dermal filler injections to thread lifting. However, the rewards cannot be used to purchase skin care products for use at home.

Q) Can you provide some examples of how the discount will affect what I pay?

A) 3 areas of anti-wrinkle injections now cost £180 (£200 for men). After 5 successful referrals you will pay only £105 (£125 for men)! If you prefer, this could also mean a completely free superficial peel!

Q) Can I save up my rewards? For example, if I generate 10 referrals can I use £150 to count towards a treatment?

A) Absolutely! In addition you could use the discount towards multiple treatments on the same day.

Q) Do the referred clients have to attend their appointments in order for the referral to count?

A) Yes. Also, the reverse of the card must completed in full and presented at this appointment.

Q) What happens if none of the clients who have been referred go on to have treatment during or after their consultation?

A) The discount still stands. You will be able to claim your reward in this eventuality.

Q) Is there a time limit during which I must claim my reward?

A) Yes. You can claim your reward between September 2017 and January 2018.

Q) Do I have to be an existing client in order to benefit from the scheme?

A) No. We welcome new clients who would like to take part. If you are new to us please email me below so that we can exchange details. We can then provide you with the relevant information.

Q) Will the scheme continue beyond January 2018?

A) We will review the scheme in the new year with the hope of extending it if possible however we reserve the right to discontinue the scheme or amend the terms of the promotion at any time.

Q) Does the referred client have to be completely new to WCL Medical Aesthetics or can we refer people who have had a previous consultation or treatment?

A) Each referred client must be brand new to our service. No client can be referred twice.

Q) Are there any exclusions?

A) It is important to bear in mind that some treatments may not be appropriate for some individual clients, for example for medical or ethical reasons. In the unlikely event that this is the case we would advise against having the requested treatment.

Q) Is there anything else we should know?

A) Both the referring and referred clients must be 18 years or older in order to qualify for the scheme.

The scheme can only be used to claim discount against treatments. A cash amount cannot be obtained as an alternative reward and we reserve the right to exclude clients from the scheme at our discretion should we believe that they are abusing the scheme including holding previous rewards credited to their account. We reserve the right to refuse to perform treatment that is against General Medical Council guidelines or that we believe is medically inappropriate or unethical. The WCL reward scheme discounts are only redeemable at our Dunadry clinic. Standard terms and conditions apply.