Chemical Peels

Few things in medicine give as transformative a result as skin peels or chemical peels. Gone are the horror stories of the 1980s. We now have fantastic new skin peels with excellent results, minimal down time and few side effects.

The aim of a chemical peels is to penetrate down into the various layer of skin and active them. After a peel brand new skin will start to grow and you will start to notice a fresh, clean new complexion.

Here at WCL Medical Aesthetics we use some of the world’s leading skin peel systems by Skin Tech.  These systems have been proven to be safe and effective for thousands of people all over the globe.

Depending on your needs we can offer the following treatments:

Easy Phytic Peel

This is our “peel and go” treatment and is designed for people who have no time for down time.

How does it work?
Application of peel causes a slow release of acids into the skin, causing gentle exfoliation and creating a fantastic glow. The procedure takes around 20 to 30 minutes. You will feel a mild gentle heat and tingling sensation throughout the treatment but this is then soothed using one of Skin Tech’s cooling face creams. You can go back to work straight away afterwards and no noticeable skin peeling is to be expected. The skin peels at a microscopic level. For general rejuvenation we recommend one peel per month however if acne is your concern then one peel every 1 to 2 weeks for around 4 peels is the recommending regime.

Our Easy Phytic Peel can be used for the following indications:
·     Early age changes related to sun exposure
·     Problem teenage skin or acne
·     Dry skin
·     Superficial melasma

Price: £70 per peel. If you book 4 peels together the final peel will be half price

Easy TCA Peel

The Easy TCA peel is a fantastic product which utilises trichloracetic acid and is designed to penetrate the skin to a moderately deep level to give more dramatic results. This is particularly suitable for clients who want a more marked rejuvenating effect, particularly addressing fine lines and dark spots.  This peel is carried out in a similar way to the Easy Phytic peel and takes around 30minutes. During the procedure you will feel a moderately warm tingling sensation. This sensation can be reduced using a fan. When the procedure is complete Skin Tech’s cooling facial mask is applied.

After the procedure your skin will look slightly red and will feel tight for a few days. From days 3 to 5 your skin will begin to peel. Some clients choose to take these days off from work and other social events. It is essential that you use the recommended creams in order to optimise treatment results during this period. Usually the peeling process is complete after day 5 however some clients may continue to have a small amount of peeling up to day 14 following the treatment. Post treatment you skin will be left with a fresh new layer which looks bright and healthy.
The maximum benefit from the peel can be seen after 12 weeks. WCL Medical Aesthetics recommend a series of 4 peels in order to achieve optimum effects. It is recommended that these treatments should take place around 2 weeks apart.

The Easy TCA peel can be used to treat the face, hands, forearms and décolletage.

The Easy TCA peel can be used for the following indications:
·     Ageing related to sun exposure
·     Fine lines
·     Small and widespread dark sun spots
·     Dry skin
·     Melasma
·     Acne

Price: £120 per peel. The 4th peel will be half price. Skin creams will be recommended and these can be purchased separately

Easy Phytic Peel

This is our “peel and go” treatment and is designed for people who have no time for down time.

Only Touch Peel
The Only Touch system is a treatment which is designed to be given alongside an easy TCA peel. This is a deeper peel which targets dark spots which are up to 1cm in diameter and is therefore suitable for larger liver spots and sun damaged areas.  As with the Easy TCA peel it can be used on the face, forearms, hands and décolletage. It is usually given during your first and occasionally 4th Easy TCA treatment. Our doctor will recommend a regime which would suit you best depending on your specific needs.

Price: £45 per peel


Procedure Time

30 minutes estimated

Back To Work

Immediate estimated



No anaesthetic necessary

Full Recovery

24 hours estimated

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