Skin Tech

We love their motto “One Life, One Skin”. You only have one skin. Take care of it!

Skin Tech offer the most amazing skin peels. They also have a fantastic range of products which can be used at home. These products are extremely versatile and can either be used in conjunction with a Skin Tech Peel or on their own to maintain a youthful look. Here at WCL Medical Aesthetics we supply the entire range however we have included a small taster of out favourite products below to give you a flavour of this excellent brand.


This is a great moisturiser which also contains DMAE to tighten the skin and improve skin hydration

DHEA-Phyo Cream

Specially designed for clients over the age of 40 this product provides intense moisturisation and increased elasticity whilst protecting the skin against further changes with antioxidants.

Nutritive Cream Vit A-C-E

If you are a smoker or someone suffering from sunburn then this is the cream for you. This special complex tightens and strengthens the skin whilst protecting it against further oxidative damage.

Vit.E Anti-oxydant

Quite simply one of the best moisturisers we have tested. This cooling gel not only soothes post peel skin and protects it against free radicals but also provides intense hydration. This is definitely to be recommended for those suffering from sensitive skin who struggle to find a cream which does not irritate


Procedure Time

30 minutes estimated

Back To Work

Immediate estimated



No anaesthetic necessary

Full Recovery

24 hours estimated

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